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San Diego officers claim 375 drug arrests made in operation

In recent weeks, San Diego law enforcement officers claim to have arrested 375 individuals for purported drug-related offenses. This was all a part of what was called the "Allied Shield Four" operation.

This operation apparently involved more than one-thousand police officers in what was claimed an attempt to apprehend drug-related offenders and individuals in gangs that are dealing in drugs. A part of this operation involved reviewing alleged offenders that are currently out on parole in the San Diego area.

One sheriff's deputy claims that this operation have slowed down drug trafficking that goes on between individuals in the United States and drug cartels located in Mexico. This deputy also claims that weapons and cash being distributed has also been reduced.

There may be truth to what the deputy sheriff claims. However, whenever we have an operation of this size there is also a distinct possibility that people will be arrested that had nothing at all to do with the drug trade, or who only played a very minor role. Yet when we are talking about drug trafficking that involves crossing over the border into Mexico, individuals arrested may be facing years or even decades in prison while seeing much of their property  confiscated.

Anyone facing drug-related charges should speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney at their earliest possible convenience. Every question answered or statement made to law enforcement officers could only increase the size of penalties that one faces. Also, the possibility exists that other individuals could testify against someone in an attempt to decrease the sentence that this other individual faces.

Criminal defense attorneys are there to make certain that anyone arrested is given a fair trial, and that any evidence introduced at a criminal trial is credible and relevant.

Source: Latino Daily News, "Blog del Narco - 375 Arrested in San Diego with Links to Mexico Drug Cartels," July 24, 2013

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