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California bill may lead to parole options for juvenile offenders

Juveniles who are convicted of crimes in the San Diego area can face a lifetime of consequences. In fact, being convicted of a crime as a juvenile can change one's life forever because it may result in a criminal record that will limit educational and career opportunities for years to come.

Although California law is very tough on juveniles, lawmakers in the state are currently working on legislation that would allow minors who are convicted of very serious crimes to have second chances. 


The bill, authored by Sen. Loni Hancock, would give new parole options to inmates convicted of committing crimes like voluntary or involuntary manslauughter as teenagers. The inmates would be eligible for parole after serving 15 years as long as they are not deemed to be a public safety threat.

The bill has already passed in the state senate and it is currently making its way through the assembly.

The very serious crimes addressed in that bill are not the only crimes that can result in long-term consequences for juveniles. Anything from drug possession charges to underage DUI, and from shoplifting to petty theft, can lead to serious penalties. Those who are facing criminal charges for juvenile crimes should seek legal counsel in order to protect their futures and learn about their defense options. Depending on the circumstances of the case, it is sometimes possible to have the charges reduced or even dismissed. In other cases, there may be defenses available that will lead to the best possible resolution.

Source:, "Bill gives Calif. youthful offenders a second chance," Don Thompson,Aug. 17, 2013

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