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California authorities plan extra DUI enforcement over Labor Day

Like clockwork, law enforcement authorities throughout the state step up their DUI enforcement efforts over holiday weekends. These efforts have been part of a broader national campaign. In recent years, the DUI and DWI enforcement campaign has been known by the slogan, “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over.”

With Labor Day around the corner, this upcoming weekend will be no exception to this rule, and authorities are already well on their way towards implementing their Driver Sober or Get Pulled Over Campaign this weekend. 

From law enforcement’s perspective, drunk driving rates spike over holiday weekends because many people celebrate by consuming alcoholic beverages. Unfortunately, many people then get behind the steering wheel after consuming too much alcohol.

As a result, DUI enforcement goes up, and DUI arrests are very high over holiday weekends. This weekend, California drivers can expect to see the Highway Patrol and local police departments being very active. They are planning to set up sobriety checkpoints staffed by officers who have received training on how to identify drivers who are impaired by alcohol or drugs.

In addition, law enforcement officials are planning for saturation patrols, in which high concentrations of officers will patrol roads and highways, looking for suspicious activity that indicates driving while intoxicated.

Authorities are taking DUI very seriously this holiday weekend, and many people will be facing drunk driving charges as a result of these holiday enforcement efforts. Just as DUI charges are very serious in nature and have serious consequences, DUI charges also deserve a serious and concerted legal defense effort.

Source: Red Bluff Daily News, “DUI crackdown planned throughout California,” Aug. 22, 2013

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