Drunk Driving and DUI

All it takes is one mistake. If you have been arrested for drunk driving, you could lose your license, face major fines and even go to jail. At the Law Offices of Scott C. Williams, we protect the rights of those charged with drunk driving in Southern California. By fighting to dismiss charges and preparing cases for trial, we will build a comprehensive DUI defense.

With more than 30 years of individual experience as a criminal trial lawyer, Scott C. Williams has handled hundreds of DUI and DWI cases. A former prosecutor, Scott Williams worked in the prosecution's office, which handled all the DUIs in the city of San Diego. He understands how the state builds a case and uses that to build the best possible driving under the influence (DUI) defense.

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We Can Handle All Types Of Drunk Driving Cases

With San Diego DUI/DWI defense attorney Williams' unique experience, our firm is able to handle the most complex DUI defense cases, including accidents involving death. We also handle cases for clients with prior drunk driving convictions facing second-offense DUI. People with prior convictions face more serious potential consequences, so getting the priors dismissed or stricken is an important part of building a comprehensive defense.

Most importantly, our firm has a track record of achieving results for our clients. We have won DUI trials in the state of California; and not many firms can say that. With no diversionary options available for DUI defendants, you want an experienced lawyer who can fight for you in court protecting your rights.

A sample of our results:

  • Drunk driving: not guilty/trial

  • Causing death while driving drunk: no jail time

  • Alcohol level three times above legal limit: dismissed

  • Drunk driving with prior DUI convictions: not guilty/trial

Representing You In Your DMV Hearing To Help You Keep Your License

We have won many DMV hearings where our clients' alcohol levels were substantially over the legal limit, including clients with prior conviction for DUI. We understand that you have administrative concerns, as well as criminal law concerns after your DWI or DUI. We will be there to protect your rights through every step of the process, including the DMV hearing regarding your license suspension. We will take early action to help you keep your license.

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Just one drunk driving conviction can have a serious impact on your future. With additional incidents the potential consequences increase, which makes it even more critical to fight every drinking and driving charge you face. We answer your calls to 619-573-4952 in person 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we do jail visits. We are ready to help you.